NFTs connected to traceable natural ecosystems

NFTs connected to traceable natural ecosystems

We SOLD out our launch event last December 10th, 2021! You can see all the amazing pictures here. Over 150 people attended our call to pioneer the Sustainable Metaverse from the city where everything blossoms: Medellin.

Once again, thank you Compás Urbano, Draper Startup House, Algorand Foundation, Hola Sola, Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellin, ProColombia, Juan Valdez, Ruta N, La Valentina, CoolTo Medellín, Casa Pascasia, World Wide Fund Colombia, Casa Gardel and the other 12 organizations that supported our launch efforts. Thank you team and Zathelite, La Jefa and Pacdunga. We are building a strong community around shared values of innovation, sustainability, transparency, meritocracy and diversity.

NFTs connected to traceable natural ecosystems

Building web3 infrastructure for Climate Finance from the most biodiverse region in the world has been a fun ride. However, we are at the frontlines of climate change as our regions will be affected the most as time progresses and our natural ecosystems continue collapsing. Besides the risk of working in the field in countries like Colombia (we are topping the list of most dangerous countries for environmentalists), it is refreshing to see so many efforts from different sectors: The Climate Law launched by the current government a few days ago, the launch of ePioneers in partnership with leading NGOs like the World Wide Fund, the rise of new startups leveraging the power of blockchain, technology and finance to channel resources for nature restoration, among others.

In particular, web3 (rebranding of crypto-based systems), promises to bring more transparency, efficiency and innovation to fields that need to be disrupted. In the next weeks, we are continuing to grow our community, enabling more access to our Climate Marketplace, Climate NFTs and Climate Wallet.

ePioneers can already join our community and own traceable NFTs that are connected to real living ecosystems.

Some facts about Colombia

  • Colombia is #1 in biodiversity of birds and orchids in the world.
  • Colombia is #2 in butterflies, fresh water, plants and
  • Colombia is #3 in reptiles and palm trees.
  • Colombia is #4 in mammals.
  • Colombia has 311 types of continental and marine ecosystems.
  • Colombia has the Pacific Ocean in the west, the Caribbean Sea in the North and the Atlantic Ocean in the east.
  • We are the home of the Magdalena River and the Amazon River, having the most biodiversity by square meter.

Next steps: Brazil

We have bootstrapped our startup so far, building on Algorand and growing an organic community of mission-driven ePioneers. We will be sharing updates in the next days, aiming to publish twice per week as we grow and continue pioneering the Sustainable Metaverse. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.