Q3 update - general

Q3 update - general
Photo by Max Shein / Unsplash

The past months have been super challenging both at the personal and professional levels but as a recap and reframing what happened or what did not happen this year, these experiences have got me and the teammates closer to our mission and clearer in terms of what we want and what we don't want as a founder and as a team in the process of developing/growing in the process of constant learning in life. There is a lot to reset and rebuild. This week, at ePioneers/WT, we welcomed Fredy, our new CTO whom I have had the experience of working with in the past as well as Gustavo to lead climate alliances. Natalia is joining as CFO and financial modeler to improve many processes, and the team at La Valentina continues co-creating despite the ride. Over the next weeks, we are implementing many changes - including new habits to communicate progress, identify highest value creation and filter better our potential allies.


As part of a long-time pending update, I am sharing some lessons that I consider worth mentioning, acknowledging mistakes and changes that need to happen to continue bringing the vision to life.

  • hire for purpose: teammates who are not really committed to the work and the vision, won't stand the challenges
  • have the courage to let go or reaffirm your beliefs and creations; these include beliefs that serve you or beliefs that harm you; bringing external perspectives can help you see with more clarity
  • be honest with yourself but mindful about other people's projections about who you are and about your potential - or about what is true or not / wise or unwise (including this update)
  • be aware of our cognitive biases we have as human beings and bring that awareness to every day life, if possible; on that: https://fs.blog/
  • be mindful about the workflow: - input for creatives can do more harm than good for example / - timing in nascent systems implies a lag...

The commitment to continue innovating and creating new ways to approach community development and ecosystem progress have driven me to focus on both the supply of potential and the demand of potential, coming from a perspective of wholeness. In general terms and as a general belief: beyond talent, time and resources, only when silence starts - sometimes - it's when we truly start listening. Wanting to know, wanting to succeed, wanting to create or "wanting to do"are feelings; and whether we are conscious or not about their origin and the why, feelings eventually dissolve. By bringing full awareness to the process of being, creating, performing or dedicating time to a dream, the possibilities to move forward, remain still or repeat, will always present themselves. After all, if given the chance, every day is a new possibility.

Talent development, including one's self, requires accountability, honesty and commitment. Navigating creating new ways, team building and product design/development in an industry that by itself is in continuous innovation, invites for a mindset and lifestyle that breathes just that. And in the process of reinvention, it is also ok to identify what we do want to stay or let go.

From a personal side, I am back at re-reading books I had read a few years ago, opening myself up to new books and inviting people I had always wanted to work with to prioritize friendship over startup building. Finding a balance at the personal and professional life requires start being more mindful and present and honest - but at the same time conscious about how at the end everything is a possibility. Over the next weeks, I will be sharing details on technical KPIs and metrics from a market/product standpoint.