The city where everything blossoms

The city where everything blossoms

Our headquarters are in Medellin, the city where everything blossoms. We arrived in 2015, pioneering coding bootcamps in Latin America and leading the launch of this innovative education model in the region. Since then, we have evolved as a team and as a startup, expanding our service lines and creating spinoffs in industries beyond edTech. We have trained thousands of students who now lead development communities in the city such as Pioneras Dev.

We chose Medellin because it somehow chose us. Back in 2014, no one was talking about Latin America or tech unicorns. At the time, it was something inconceivable. But in very few years and supported by an extraordinary community, the region is producing unicorns at a higher rate than other so called "developed economies", beating all odds despite the challenges that entrepreneurs still have to face. Just an example: Brazil has 15% less VC funding per capita than Spain and yet,

  • Spain has 3 unicorns
  • Brazil has 13 unicorns

(Note: startup funding does not equal to startup success, but hiring, innovating and building can be easier when you have resources in the bank).

Back to Medellin: launching a new education model that promised and delivered rapid skills training with 100% job placement rates was possible because Medellin opened its doors to our vision and our partners - in that case - the World Bank and Ruta N. You can learn more about that work at

Latin America has attracted incredible talent in the past years and the region has been able to understand its potential by betting on its own capacity to innovate, launch unicorn startups and shape the world. We are betting on Medellin again with the launch of ePioneers from the City of the Eternal Spring, the City where Everything Blossoms. Stay tuned for more updates!