May 2022, CEO Update

May 2022, CEO Update
Photo by Jessica Fadel / Unsplash

We are a few days away from the Stacks Accelerator Demo Day, an incredibly challenging and yet rewarding program that has changed the direction of ePioneers and helped us get to the next level. Big shoutout to the entire STACKS team – you changed our lives!

In almost 3 months, we have learned everything from Tokenomics 101 to how to integrate with the CityCoins Protocol to what VCs are looking for in web3 companies amidst a bear market. We cannot be more hopeful and motivated for building the future of web3 in the Climate Finance vertical and what the industry is unfolding in the new era of the internet.

Another big shout out to the Kapture VC team, in particular to Natalia and Eduardo for helping us with the Financial Modeling of our startup and the Tokenomics Preparation.

From the product side, we received approval from both Android and Apple in a few days and are now in the process of Quality Assurance Reviews ahead of the launch with a focus in the USA and Brazil. We also finished the integration with Stacks, enabling $SLVA, our climate token, to be tradeable in multiple blockchains, with a particular emphasis on how Bitcoin favors Security and the Storage of High Value.

We are innovating across multiple fronts. Here are some exciting new creations we are bringing to market.

Move-to-restore. We are enabling Climate CityCoins to activate Climate Action into every day living and are we making our Climate Wallet P2P-enabled. This Climate CityCoins Protocol includes accessing live-data on targeted-carbon emissions and by different types of activities. More on this soon!

We have also been running multiple Feasibility Studies for the assessment of carbon credits of different projects in both Brazil and Colombia and will be sharing more information in the upcoming months. We are notably super excited to be working with The Humboldt Institute in Colombia, the leading biodiversity research entity in the country.

Embedded NFTs into every-day-commerce. Our partners are already creating their NFT collections ahead of the launch, connecting each token to a particular service. As we enable cash back with $SLVA to democratize access to Environmental Credits and Climate Portfolios, we are in turn embedding web3 into every-day-commerce.

This past month:

We spoke with the co-founder of FlowCarbon: (the host takes a few mins to start but you can listen to the full recording).

We are sharing again the podcast explaining how we created Latin America's 1st Digital Nomads visa from Colombia: