July 2022 CEO update

July 2022 CEO update
Photo by Aayush Gupta / Unsplash

Blockchain technologies started to enable the decentralization of money, both in function and in form. Money, which can be used as a #1 unit of account, #2 storage of value or #3 medium of exchange can now be computed. The implications of these technologies are huge, but we are at the early stages of adoption. Access to custodial wallets enables more inclusion (to banking services) and/or P2P (peer-to-peer) trading, facilitating direct money management between multiple users and replacing legacy structures that are more costly, inefficient and opaque (ie traditional banks).

Decentralizing Remote Work. Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchains can facilitate traceability of data, storage of data, retrieval of data and on-chain/off-chain interactions. "Web3" enables ownership, digitization and a deeper interaction between customers/users and producers/creators. And at the macro level, the characteristic of decentralization can bring more engagement across geographies, amplifying traveling experiences.

The Colombian digital nomads visa we created for the country was finally announced last week. To make this happen, we invited Joel Burke, a Tech For Good advocate who helped Estonia position their eResidency program. Joel also helped other countries and is now a Congressional Innovation Fellow for the US. It took us almost 2 years and the impact ranges in the billions of USD for the local economy and millions of USD for international travelers who can benefit from affordable living costs and the possibility to stay in the country for 2 years (without paying flights every 6 months). One Young World, the UK-based youth organizations, published a report explaining this impact. Access it here on page 13. We are excited to see our vision happen and impact +50 million Colombians. We can't wait to see the results in the next 12, 24, 36 months and beyond!

Geo-localized NFT Souvenirs + NFT for Climate. Beyond pioneering LATAM's 1st digital nomads visa, we continued innovating within the team and as a company. We are close to complete our Security + Payment integrations across multiple systems to finally launch our Climate Routes and NFT Souvenirs at the end of August with our partners and allies. We also amplified our geographies of impact to Europe and the UK with the support of the LATAM Edge Awards: https://www.latamedge.com/ and we have institutional upcoming pilots with leading entities like The Humboldt and Visa do Brasil.

In case you missed these out!

  • We had the chance to connect with Gary Fowler from GSD Labs and Dr. Sébastien Raoux. Listen to the podcast here.
  • We launched our Discord. Access it here.
  • The IDB, Cubo and Darwin Startups invited us to kickoff the Cohort #2 of their program called ORIGEM (which enabled us to launch in Brazil). Learn more about it here.
  • We are posting updates every week. Follow us on Instagram.

2022 has been a challenging year but we keep building and disrupting our ecosystems. Learn more about Networked Societies and how Digital Nomads visas and blockchain technologies contribute to the decentralization of finance, impact and living.