Product Update Q4, 21

Product Update Q4, 21

After a 6-weeks Sprint, we are rolling out our Climate Wallet (1), Climate Marketplace (2) and Climate NFTs (3). Right now we are a team of 8 people working full-time: our CTO (strong blockchain skills), COO, Chief Scientist, Lead Flutter Developer, Lead Fullstack Developer, Growth Hacker, Environmental Engineer and CEO/Lead Designer (that would be me). We are in the process of recruiting our Lead Data Scientist to continue moving forward with our Q1 2022 deliverables and milestones.

Context: The Future of Work is Decentralized

Back in March 2020, when we proposed to the Colombian Congress to launch a new Digital Nomads Visa category, the COVID-19 pandemic was just getting started. I don't think any human imagined what we would get through during 2020, but overall, it seems like the vaccines situation is getting better and life is slowly getting back to "normality". We took our vision to Congress, the Senate, the Chancellor, Presidency and the Ministries. We made the new legislation happen. Soon-to-be-announced, the new visa is set to save millions of USD to foreigners coming to the country while helping boost - by at least $4 billion USD - our local economy [in the next 4 years and based on financial projections].

As technologists, remote work was not new. In fact, since 2014 our team at World Tech has been spread across geographies. Infrastructure still remains a challenge to enable inclusive internet/device access, but something positive out of COVID-19 was the adoption + acceleration of the Remote Work trend.

Positioning, Product and Early Bets: Q1 2022

We received a grant from Algorand and in less than 2 months, we deployed our 1st product bets. We have +400 users and strong partnerships with leading institutions ranging from the WWF to Wework. We are also post-revenue. As this Second Product Phase unfolds, we are releasing the following deployments:

  • 3 new NFT Collections focused on Culture, Climate, Communities.
  • 20 interactive maps for Regenerative Tourism for both web + mobile devices.
  • An improved Crypto-Powered Climate wallet that enables P2P payments.
  • The integration of our technology systems with Mexico's CoDi, Brazil's PIX and Colombia's leading QR code systems.
  • The release of new NFT categories optimizing for the Sustainable Development Goals and backed with data.
  • The growth of our Global Outreach as part of the OnDeck Communities Fellowship starting in February 2022.

From the network distribution side, we expect to be growing our marketplace by 500%, connecting with the leading artists and creators in both Colombia and Brazil and enabling a "bottom-up, emerging" unfolding.

Q2 2022: Financial Modeling and Financial Engineering within Web3

With the tokenization of everything and the combination of Protocols + Product, we are releasing our own Climate Token with original assigned value and backed by strong scientific research. By January 2022, we are having our Brazilian operation active. By April 2022, we are having our UK-team up and running.

ePioneers enables you to unlock rare bucket-list experiences for Nature Restoration, all while connecting with local communities and growing wealth. Our Proof-of-Presence Protocol will be made public during Q1, 2022 and so will be our Proof-of-Local-Engagement Protocol.

If you are an investor looking for opportunities in web3 + climate finance, you can reach out at We are opening our Seed Round in January 2022.

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