Get started with crypto

Get started with crypto

Computational finance has shaped the world in multiple ways. Hundreds of crypto currencies have been launched and multiple blockchains have started competing for "coverage", unlocking different applications beyond economics.

Without getting into the details of the implications of computational finance in our current world and across multiple industries, we wanted to share some resources for you to better understand Crypto. Disclaimer: Most resources shared here come from Venture Capital funds striving to strengthen Deal Flow and/or share educational content with digital communities.

Andreessen Horowitz, known as a16z is an American fund that invests in technology startups from all over the world. Their blogs and content are super high-quality.

SoftBank Group Operator School recently published a list of articles for you to dive into Crypto.

We have other references for "web3 regenerative finance" considering our vertical of work in case you are interested:

As a startup, we are building on Algorand (, the greenest blockchain on Planet Earth. This is a Layer 1 technology. You can dive into its benefits here: