CEO Update, 02/2022

CEO Update, 02/2022
Global warming has progressed by 1.1C compared with pre-industrial temperatures. If it progresses beyond 1.5C, many effects will become irreversible. Even if global warming returns to or below 1.5C, after having exceeded that level for several decades this would result in severe and often irreversible impacts.

The latest IPCC report is clear, the windows to take action are closing. Published a few days ago, the full report, can be accessed here and it will be followed by the publication of the 3rd and last part by April 2022, containing a clear explanation on potential action steps.

Global warming is a global challenge. Nationalism will not solve the crisis, although it is clear that most pollution has been caused by the "big North" whereas the most affected regions have generated the least destruction, the "big South".

Global risk of deadly heat - Nature Climate Change
Climatic conditions that challenge human thermoregulatory capacity currently affect around a quarter of the world’s population annually. Such conditions are projected to increase in line with CO2 emissions particularly in the humid tropics.

Product Milestones. This past month we deployed our iOS Crypto Climate Wallet although with major changes due to Apple's restrictions to cryptocurrencies. We will be sharing a post on lessons learned to enable founders to reach market faster, hopefully avoiding the mistakes we made.

We also managed to fully register in Brazil and are in the final steps of integrating with the dynamic PIX QR code system.

We cannot share much at this stage but we are launching our Miami operation very soon, to be fully deployed by July 2022, pioneering new models that will create massive impact.  

Our main areas of focus = crypto network into 4 core modules:

⃣ Protocol (backend & financial rails)

⃣ Community (stakeholders)

⃣ Product (frontend)

⃣ Token (coordination)

In web3, if the community members—such as the NFT creators, liquidity providers, or software developers—are not successful, you are NGMI (= never going to make it). Community is first. As web3 earns more ground, our team at ePioneers has been developing a global community of partners across Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, India and the European Union.

But how do you make a community successful? To do this, you have to think about protocol design, tokenomics, user safety, security, growth marketing, community engagement, and much more that encompasses the interconnected people, technology, and economics of web3 products (source).

Some great articles that we found great to read this month:

We are updating our websites and will be sharing exciting product + commercial updates in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, follow us on Instagram for daily posts and content.