CEO Update, March 2022

CEO Update, March 2022
The formation of complex symmetrical and fractal patterns in snowflakes exemplifies emergence in a physical system.

What a month! As we continue bootstrapping our company ahead of our SEED round and Stacks/CityCoins Demo Day, we have been focusing on product development, network effects, market strategy and on-site pilots in the USA (Miami), Colombia (Sea Flower Biosphere, Tayrona Nationl Park, Antioquia) and Brazil.

A new web3 vertical: "move-to-restore"

Product Development. From the product side, we launched to the Main Net our Crypto Climate Wallet with payment integrations for the Mexican, Brazilian (PIX system) and Colombian markets. We also enabled American payments via our Stripe integration. We made User Flow improvements to our Climate Marketplace and secured partnerships with strategic organizations for our ongoing pilots.

Team Building. One major hire was the arrival of Nitin Magima to our team, a Climate School Researcher leading our Climate Framework Protocol Development. Also joining our team we have Carbon Markets Experts Dr. Sebastien Raoux (advisor) and Nataly Cubillos; in our Data Science team, Rohit Singh and in our Financial Engineering team Felipe Ferri from Cambridge University's Sustainable Finance Research Group.

Business Development. From the market side, we deployed "NFT routes" with "NFT stations"  in Miami, Medellin, Tayrona, San Andres and Providence Islands, bringing Game-fi and Social-fi elements to Climate Action, while focusing on Community Development. Our results will be made public within Q2, 2022.

Tokenomics + multi-chain integration. We are deploying $SLVA this year enabling our token for utility + governance applications, with a multi-chain approach for Bitcoin-settled deFi assets.

If you want to reach out to learn more about our progress as we complete our pilots and go to market, you can schedule a call here or reach out at