CEO Update, 01/ 2022

CEO Update, 01/ 2022

Our latest update was published back in December 8th, 2021. You can read it here. As we get close to completing our commitment with Algorand, the blockchain team we have been working with in the past months, we are excited to share what has been happening at ePioneers and what is next for our team and our startup.

Q4, 2021 recap: Crypto Climate Wallet

We launched our Climate Wallet (1), Climate Marketplace (2) and Climate NFTs (3) last December; the wallet is already available for Android devices via Google Store. You can access it here

We have had multiple requests from Apple to adjust our iOS code and wallet version, so our push for adoption has been stalled due to this bottleneck. We have been sharing weekly updates via LinkedIn for you to stay tuned in as everything progresses for the release of our iOS version.

Embedded crypto climate infrastructure: Q1 2022

We are excited to partner up with leading organizations for our upcoming NFT collections, enabling the increase of our exposure via larger network effects and broadened distribution. Our NFT engine will be deployed at the end of February (this month) in Colombia, Brazil and the United States. Along with the engine comes the wallet, enabling NFT scanning via geo-localization of the digital assets minted by the organizations, autonomously. This completes our Proof-of-Presence initial milestones we committed to and we will make some very exciting integrations we will be announcing soon.

Darwin Accelerator in Brazil

We are super grateful and excited to be part of Batch #11 at Darwin! Our vision is to align efforts with leading ecosystem players already working with ESGs and carbon-backed assets. Darwin is based in Florianopolis but it has gained national recognition and outreach as the #1 fintech accelerator program in Brazil. You can learn more about them here:

The timing feels right. The latest Brazilian legislation for ESGs sets a clear roadmap for what will be happening in this vertical in the country. You can learn more about it here: Beyond the public sector, we aspire to contribute to making Brazil one of the leading climate tech countries in the world, notably for its already existing biodiversity ecosystems.We think "emergent" systems are more sustainable and long-term (versus "top-down" approaches that are often passed by legal decrees). We will see how this unfolds in the country but we are super excited to see this taking place in real time in the country.

The company has already been registered and we are getting it PIX ready for the Wallet's P2P payments integration.

Be OnDeck (USA): the role of communities in web3

The role of communities in web3 is huge. Here is a very interesting video by Ohanian. With this said, we are going to be learning from Lais Oliveira at OnDeck as part of the latest batch of community builders. Lais is from Brazil and she has extensive experience as a digital nomad. ePioneers is community-driven due to the nature of our work and the lack of climate infrastructure in the regions that have the biggest potential for nature-based solutions. As more ETS for carbon trading are built, the work to connect is part of our core hence our transnational strategy from the onset, connecting LATAM with the United States and Europe.

You can learn more about Lais here: and more about this fellowship here:

Climate NFTs and carbon pricing

The markets that we are focusing on are both the European (as we deploy our operations in the UK) and the voluntary carbon markets in LATAM/USA. Establishing Climate Risk, Carbon Absorption Potential and Climate Cost (as of pollution effects via externalities), are key to engage in activities for removal or reduction of co2. We cannot improve what we cannot measure (or what we are not measuring). An article on this that has been proven insightful for our team is

Thou these frameworks present interesting approaches to certain ecosystems, we think the value is on the fat tails and the risks that we are not assessing (ie: the worst case scenarios of the collapse of our ecosystems). One of our biggest challenges at the moment is establishing those metrics for climate risk assessment, carbon absorption potential by ecosystem and climate externalities. We are inviting teammates from to engineer these systems with the integration of our token and carbon-offset-backed financial assets. We are integrating this data into our NFTs for climate and token.

Towards Q2 2022 at Cambridge University!

With the deployment of our NFT engine, the ePioneers community and our carbon-offset backed token, we are on track for Q1's OKRs; 80,000 hectares of tropical forest are destroyed every day so aligning incentives and building the supply and demand of the climate portfolios is one of our biggest drivers at the moment. Let's 💥 🌱 💦. More on the Cambridge Zero program here.