CEO Update: April 2022

CEO Update: April 2022
Photo by Agustin Diaz Gargiulo / Unsplash

As Brazil makes strides to regulate the crypto market, the country has become one of the top nations with the highest number of electronic transactions in real-time, heavily boosted by the implementation of the PIX, a nation-wide digital QR code system for cashless payments deployed less than 18 months ago by the central bank. More on that here.

Market + Product Developments

At ePioneers, we have been focused on the deployment of our v2 software to bring a multi-token integration with Stacks. Here is some progress:

  • Enabled P2P trading between portfolio suppliers/ owners (marketplace)
  • The multi-chain deployment of our carbon-offset backed token, $SLVA
  • The launch of $SLVA to the TestNet during Earth Day (April 22nd)
  • The progress made in the Seaflower biosphere in Colombia, securing long-term collaboration agreements with leading biodiversity experts in the country
  • The progress made in the Brazilian ecosystem

We are 6 weeks away from the program's Demo Day - - and have been strengthening our alliances with ecosystem players in the Stacks Community and in the countries where we have teammates working on-site.

Notably, the creators of Web3 City-Level Civic Engagement are a team called CityCoins, a startup led by Patrick Stanley executing a vision with outstanding results in less than 12 months. CityCoins enabled Miami and NYC to launch their own coin, bringing a City Wallet to life and engaging with entire communities. Learn more about them here and about the CityCoins accelerator track we are completing here.

We are working on enabling entire cities to not just understand the climate impact of their activities but also to harness the power of their citizens and activate actionable measures leveraging web3, data science and regenerative finance.

Stay tuned to our daily posts here and listen to these two podcasts where we share more updates we achieved this month: